Essay on Planning a Garden


A garden is necessary for every household. A good garden needs good planning. So, all should know to plan a garden.

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General lay-out:


A garden should be made in square form. There should be strong fencing on all sides of it. There should be a suitable gate too. There garden should be divided into different plots for different kinds of plant. A well should be sunk at the middle. Ways should be made to reach even the farthest corner.

General requirements:

A garden, should be raised on a fertile land where water for the plants is available. Cow dung and compost are the best kinds of manure for garden. Only healthy seeds should be chosen to be sown here. Only healthy plants should be planted. Tools necessary for gardening should always be kept ready. Summer is the right season to start garden. Because we can spade the plots before the advent of rain.



Planning a garden is very important. Because garden and gardening are very important for us. We get three kinds of profit from a garden. The first is that we work in the garden, which gives us physical and mental exercise to make our health better. The second is that we get green vegetables for our kitchen and we make some profit by selling the surplus. The third is that gardening is a happy engagement which gives us a great pleasure.


Gardening is no doubt a good work. Even Gandhiji spoke very high of it. Hence, everyone should know how plan a good garden.

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