Essay on Public Dispensary


Public dispensaries are quite common in cities and towns. But they are very few in the countryside. A public dispensary is an institution where people get medicine and treatment free of charge.

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All the expenses are borne by the Government. Sometimes charitable dispensaries are opened for the public by the philanthropic persons or by the philanthropic organisations. But the public dispensaries of the Government are more in number.



Public dispensary is placed in a huge building according to the necessary plan for the purpose. There is the office of the Chief Medical Officer who is a M. B. B. S. There are rooms for storing medicines. There are rooms for examining the patients. There is an operation theatre. The clinic has two parts. one is for the outdoor patient. The other is for the indoor patients. The outdoor patients are those who are not serious cases. They get their medicines at the outdoor. The serious cases are admitted into the indoor wards. There are different wards for different kinds of patients, such as Medical ward, Surgical ward, Cholera ward, Small pox ward, Gynecology ward and so on. In each ward there are a number of beds and utensils for the indoor patients. They get everything free. They are served by the doctors, nurses and the bearers. They are discharged from the dispensary when they come round.

The staff of the dispensary are supplied with quarters to live in. They live very near the dispensary. They work in their duty-hours. Still they keep themselves ready to treat the emergency cases. All the members of the staff get their pay from the Government. They do not make any charge on the dispensary patients. All the public dispensaries are not equal in size. The State hospital in the Capital towns and the capital cities are very large. But the dispensaries in the village centres are too small. The acute cases come to the State General hospitals.



Dispensaries are the most necessary institution for the people. But we do not have dispensaries in most of the village centres. Government should open more and more dispensaries in the non-urban areas of our country.

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