Essay on Radio Broadcasting


Science has many gifts for us. Radio is one of them. It was invented by Marconi the great Italian Scientist. Radio is a box with a few wires in it. But it does the world’s greatest wonder. It receives the far distant voice without the help of any wire connection. Radio-sets are now available in the shops. We can listen in the Radio anywhere in the cities and towns in the villages and settlements, in the shops and restaurants, in the schools and colleges, in the buses and railways and in the ships and planes.

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Radio is very useful. It is of much use to us. We listen in the radio the news, the important speeches, the Government proclamations, the market rates, the weather-reports, the sweet music, the short drama and other things. a news of an incident can be sent to all parts of the world with three minutes. It is with the help of the radio, the ships selling in the ocean can beg the aero planes in the sky for help in its danger. It is possible only through  the radio. The course of the locusts is informed to the world through the radio. So, radio is doing us an immense service.


Radio is conducted on an organized basis. High-power radio-stations have been installed. Each country has got more than one radio station. From these stations everything is relayed. The main radio station in India is called. “All-India Radio” and “Akashavani”. In Pakistan it is called “Radio Pakistan”. In great Britain it is called “The British Broadcasting Corporation” or the B.B.C.



Radio is improving day by day. The transistors are very convenient to use. We look forward for the day when radio will be fitted with the television.

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