Essay on Role of the Students in the Emergency Period of India


For a long time India was under the British rule. So, the defense of the country was in the hands of a foreign Government. But India got freedom on 15th August 1947. Since then the responsibility of defending the country has remained in the hands of the Indians.

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The present situation:


India had not expected any battle so early. But suddenly the Red China launched a heavy attack on the borders of India. China attacked at the western and the eastern borders. Pakistan joined her hand with China and threatened us to attack our country. So, the President of India proclaimed emergency. China has stopped to attack. But she is getting ready to attack again. So, the state of emergency in still in force in our country.

Role of the Students:

The students of India can do a lot to help the country in this emergency period. They should remove panic from the people of their respective areas. Because panic is also a major cause of a country’s defeat. The students should tell the people to give donation to the National war fund of India. The students should advise the people to save their money with Defence Fund and other deposit schemes of the Government. Because thereby people will get the interest and the Government will find resources for development work. The students should advise the women folk to purchase gold bonds. They should advice people to work harder for more time. Because  thereby the production will increase. They should advise the people not to indulge in any wastage. The students should advise the young men to join the war services. The students should explain to them about how to join in war service. The students themselves should join A.C.C. and N.C.C. They should prepare themselves for the war service. They should keep themselves ready to join the war whenever they will be called upon to do so. In all such ways, the students can render a valuable service to their motherland at the emergency period.



The students are the future citizens of the country. The country is truly theirs. It is their duty to play an active role in the emergency period of India.

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