Essay on Scene in a Bus-Stand


A bus-stand is a specified place where the service buses spend their rest-hours and wherefrom they start duty. A bus-stand presents a scene, peculiar to itself.

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General description:


In a bus-stand, one will be happy to see the galaxy of automobiles. A number of buses halt in the bus-stand. They are placed in a nice order during their rest hours. During the working hour, many buses start from the bus-stand and buses come into it. The peculiar sound of these buses are well-known to us the smell of their burning diesel and the displace dust particles are very annoying to the people present at the bus-stand. There we see many drivers, conductors and cleaners moving about. There are some stalls nearby.

Passenger time:

During the passenger-time many people come to the bus-stand with a view to traveling to the place of their destination. They sit under the straw thatch waiting for the bus time. During the booking hour they gather round the booking-clerk to purchase tickets for their journey. They book tickets for themselves and for their own people, if any. They also book tickets for their goods, if any. They see their things lifted on the bus. There are some tea-stalls and restaurants at the bus-stand. These places seem busy during the passenger time. Passengers go there to take Tiffin and tea. They purchase betel and tobacco from the betel shops nearby. They run to the bus when the driver sounds the horn of warning. When the passengers get into the bus, some hawkers and pedlars walk round it and shout about their articles. Some blind men beg money singing round the bus. Some lame people beg money, shouting round the bus. Thus, a noise is caused in the bus-stand. Many passengers get down from the bus that comes from a distant place. These passengers search for rickshaws to go to their proposed places. Hence, we find a rickshaw-stand near about the bus-stand.



Now-a-days, bus-stands are numerous in country, But none of them is up to the proper standard. The condition of a bus-stand in our country is quite unsatisfactory. Government should try to create a healthy condition inside bus-stand.

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