Essay on School Debating Society


Schools are to build the students as the future citizens of the country. Reading and writing are not enough for them. They should know how to speak before a large audience. They should know how to speak orderly, logically and forcefully to a large gathering of people. So in every school, there is a debating-society where the students learn debating.

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There is a Secretary for the school debating society. He makes a list of topics in advance, for a session of the school in consultation with the teacher who is in charge of debating. A session of the school begins in June and ends in the following May. He also makes a programme for debate-meetings. Debate-meeting are held according to this programme. Before every meeting to be held, the Secretary makes a list of debaters.

Debate meetings are held generally on Saturdays. The Headmaster is requested to preside over them. In a debate-meeting, the students speak for and against the motion notified previously. Sometimes extempore debates are held. The teachers speak after the students. At last, the President speaks. Sometimes votes are taken over the topic discussed.


The School Debating Society is very useful for the school students. Here the students learn how to speak orderly, logically and forcefully to a large gathering of people. Here they learn how to conduct a debate-meeting. Here they learn parliamentary decorum. Besides, they read a lot and think a lot before speaking in the meeting. Hence, they are perfectly built up.



The school-debating is no doubt, a boon for the students. But it is a matter of regret that most of the students do not take part in debating. It is the duty of the organizers to work hard to include all the students in the speaker’s list.

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