Essay on School Holidays


Holidays in school are many. They should not be wasted. We should make the best use of them. Because we know the enormous value of time.

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Holidays in school:


In schools, Sunday is a week-end holiday. Saturday is a half-holiday. The Puja holidays are hold in the month of October. They are held for fifteen days. The Xmas Holidays are held in the month of December. They are held for more than a week. The Dola Holidays are held in March. They are held for a fortnight. The Summer Vacation makes the largest number of holidays. It is about a month and a half. Besides, there are some occasional holidays like Car-Festival, Dewali, Independence day, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Republic Day and so on.

Spare time:

The holidays are not all utilized for their own purposes. The puja holidays last of fifteen days. But within three days the puja function is finished. So, about ten or twelve days are left in the hands of the students. This principle is applicable in the case of the long holidays. Hence we get a large amount of spare time which should be put to the best kind of use.

How to make the best use of holidays:


We should know to make the best use of our holidays. Students should help their parents in their daily work. They should make up their deficiency in their school subjects. They should do some advance study. They should organize the village welfare drives in their respective village and so on. Besides students should think what more they can do for the best use of their school holidays.


Holidays should not be all work and no rest. maximum rest and innocent pastimes are certainly allowed. But free from the routine work the students should not be idle and wayward. They can really do the miracle, if they put their holidays to the best possible use.

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