Essay on some attractive place of your District


I belong to the district of Cuttack which now has been divided into four small district. There are a lot of attractive place in the old district. Some of these have been mentioned below.

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The city of Cuttack:


For a pretty long time, it was the capital of Orissa. It is very attractive for its two rivers flowing on it two sides. these rivers are the Mahanadi and the Kathajodi. The bridge of the Mahanadi is very beautiful. The bridge of the Kathajodi is beautiful too. Cuttack is also attractive for the Stadium of Barabati and for the sight around it.


It is a river isle in the river Mahanadi by the side of Cuttack. It is famous for the Shiva temple wherein Lord Shiva sits under the title Dhabaleswer. The place is full of natural beauty with blue water all around and with hill-sights far about.

Chadikhole and Mahabinayak:


These are the twin hills previously in the old district of Cuttack. The natural scenery of Chandikhole is really very attractive. It is endowed with a natural stream of water. There is a Shiva temple on the top of the hill Mahabinayak.


Ratnagiri is attractive for its natural sight. It is important for its historical fame. A Buddhist shrine has been dug out at this place by the Archaeological Department of Government of India. Many people come to see this wonderful discovery.



The hill Naraja with a Buddhist shrine on its top, stands on the edge of the river Mahanadi. It is attractive for its peace of atmosphere and for the riverine beauty nearby.


Ansupa in one of the famous lake of Orissa. It is small but charming. It looks like a blue mirror of round shape. Tourists come to see this pretty spot of nature.


Paradip for its newly constructed marine port, has become very attractive. It is the deepest sea-port in India.


These are some of the main places of attraction in my home district, Cuttack. Cuttack is proud of these beauty spots.

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