Essay on the aim of your life


Man is born in this world to perform some noble deeds. He should have a noble aim in his life. He should sincerely try after it. This will lead him to success and he will be able to fulfill his aim. » Reclaiming Your Life After Divorce

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The aim of my life


The aim of my life is to save the people from their physical ailments. Hence, I wish to be a doctor.

My merits for my aim in life

A man should consider his merits and demerits before he settles the aim of his life. I have considered both of the sides. The following points run in favor of my purpose.

I have been doing quite well in Science and Mathematics. I like to attend on the patients. I like to nurse the sick persons. My father has enough money to put in a medical college. Hence, it will not be difficult for me strive after my noble aim.


My work after I become a doctor

After I become a doctor, I shall open a clinic in my village I shall visit the patients. I shall charge very small fee for visit because I do not like to be rich. I want only to maintain my family. I shall sell good medicines to the sick people. I shall charge them possible low price for the medicines. I shall work hard. I shall take pride in saving lives from death and disease. I shall name and fame as a good doctor. I shall earn name and fame as an honest doctor.


The aim of my life is certainly noble. With it I may not be rich. But I shall get the blessing of God.

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