Essay on The Bullock-Cart


During the early civilization man used the animal power in his service. Like some other animals his bullocks carried his loads.  In order to draw better service from the bullocks, man invented the bullock-cart.

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The body of the cart is about nine feet long and three feet broad. It is mainly a flat frame which is plain in size. It is made of bamboos. These bamboos are fixed side-wise one after another. Wooden rods my be used in place of the bamboos. On both the sides at the middle, two big wheels of wood have been fixed to this frame. At the front, two bullocks are harnessed to the cart. When the bullocks draw it, the wheels roll on and the whole structure moves. The passenger cart bears and shed over it. The goods cart bears a long basket upon itself.


The bullock-cart has a lot of advantages over other types of conveyance. The train needs the railway lines. The motor cars and the horse-coaches need plain roads. But the bullock-cart can move both on the roads and on the out of the way places. The bullock-carts can go to such places to which other sorts of wheeled traffic cannot move. Hence, the transport of goods depend very much on the bullock-carts. The making income-group can possess bullock-carts for themselves.



The bullock-cart is quite slow in its speed. It has to depend upon the patient and healthy bullocks. If the bullocks get tired or sick, the cart cannot work. If the bullocks get unruly on the way, the cart and the cart-man surely run into danger.


The bullock-cart is very useful for us. So, it has been thriving through ages together. Age after age has passed; but the bullock-cart has maintained the same position all through out.

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