Essay on The Cow


Cows are found in almost all parts of the world. They are very useful domestic animals. Every child is fed with the cow’s milk. Hence, the cow is a well-known quadruped beast.

Give a Cow Its Due - Modern Farmer

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Cows are found in many colours, such as white, black and red. Some are of mixed colours. Cows are neither small nor very big. The body of the cow is bulky. There are two horns on her head. The horns are curved or straight and pointed. The cow has a long face. She has two eyes. Her eyes are black and expressive. She has no tooth on her upper jaw. On her lower jaw there are eight teeth. She has a long tail. Her tail is thin an narrow. There is a tuft of hair at the end of her tail. The cow has four hoofs at the end of her four legs. Each hoof is split into tow parts. She ha an udder  between her hind legs. Her body is covered with furs. Her stomach is divided into four parts. So, she has to gaze the fodder and the chew the cud. Green grass is the most natural food for the cow. Besides, she eats straw, grams, leaves and grains. She drinks water, rice-water and gruel.


The cow is so useful that the Hindus in India call her cow, the mother. They worship her as a goddess. Her milk is very nutritious. It is a food for the children and diet for the sick. her milk is made into curd, cheese, butter and ghee. The cream of her milk is nice. Many kinds of sweets are made from her milk-products. her dung is a rich manure for the crops. Her urine is made into medicine. When a cow dies her horns are made into combs, holders and play-things. Her hoofs are made into glue. Her skin is tanned and made into shoes and many other things. Her bones made into manure which is called bone-meal.



We should take care of the cow. We should keep her shed neat and clean. We should feed her properly. We should be grateful to her. We should never sell thee cow for slaughter. Because she is the savior of our life.

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