Essay on The Earthquake


Earthquake is a terrible kind of natural calamity. where earthquake occurs the earth shakes. If the earth shakes violently, the result is disastrous. Man may escape other kinds of calamity. But if earthquake occurs, there is no way out.

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The interior of the earth is full of hot liquid. This liquid has been cooling at its surface. When its surface cools and contracts earth upon it is drawn downward. The earth upon it cracks in the process. When the water from a sea passes down through the crack and touches the hot liquid. It gives rise to a mass of steam. When the steam expands and dashes to come out, the earth is violently shaken. Thus happens the earthquake. The steam under the earth finds an easy way out through a volcano. So, the land, which is full of volcanoes is frequently infested by earthquakes. Through these volcanic explosions come out fire, smoke, steam and liquid substance called larva.


When earthquake happens, the earth comes under a terrible convulsion. Huge castles and buildings are violently shaken. They breakdown beating a lot inmates inside them. A lot of forge trees shake violently and get uprooted. Things are tossed. People cannot stand upright. They cannot walk. They cannot run and they cannot lie down. They, too are tossed like the movable. Water in ponds and rivers is thrown upward. Sometimes they rush off their beds and flow elsewhere. The water in lakes and seas get highly upsurge. Fire tosses off the heavens and it burns the settlements. Rivers dry up and mountains sink down. Earthquake makes a heavy loss of life and property. Crops are ruined. Stores are destroyed. Famine breaks out. Within a few minutes beautiful cities full of palatial buildings lie waste like a war-ravaged country. The men who were, a few minutes back, boasting of their wealth and pride, are found moving about with begging bowls in their hands.



Earthquakes are not new to the world. It is a very common thing on many parts of the earth. Japan is the constant victim of earthquakes. So, the Japanese make houses of paper boards. India, too is not altogether free from this natural calamity. But in India, it is very few and far between. In 1993 Maharastra had faced a terrible shock from a divesting earthquake and the Latoor are was completely damaged. Earthquake cannot be prevented. They catch up by surprise. Hence, let us wait for the scientific developments that may find a remedy to this terrible upsurge.

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