Essay on The Flood


Flood is a natural calamity. it makes a great devastation. But it is not as harmful as drought, cyclone and earthquake. Flood does some good to us.

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Cause of Flood


In the rainy season much water comes in the river. Sometimes, it rains so much that the river, cannot hold all the water. So, the river gets flooded and becomes full to the brim. The surplus of water overflows or breaks through the embankment. It causes great inundation over a lot of settlement. The deluge takes about a week to subside.

General Sight

Flood presents a horrible sight. It threatens the people living nearby. The ferry-boats float at its mercy. The torrents are furious. Stoke after stroke they dash a the embankment. Clouds of earth slide down from both the sides. Big trees on either edge get uprooted. They fall down into flood and float away. Flood looks terrible and grey and roars violently.



Flood does a lot of good to us. It puts alluvium on our lands during its inundations. So, our lands get fertile. Flood washes away the filth and rubbish and so the countryside looks fresh and clean. Flood leaves rich deposits of water in ponds, pits and ditches. So, people do not fall in scarcity of water for a long time come.

Flood does not catch us by surprise. It comes with due notice. So people keep themselves careful much before the flood. Besides the flood-affected people are sustained by the flood-relief associations, aided by the Government.


Flood also does a lot of harm. It drowns a number of ferry-boats. It breaks through the embankment and sweeps away the settlements. It causes a great looks of life and property. It washes away the standing crops. It carries sand to the corn fields and turns them barren. Flood brings in famine and epidemics in its train and many people die of them when the flood subsides.



This is the age of science. Science has come to our aid. So, flood-control has become easier. Now big dams are constructed in the river. The dam makes a huge reserve of water. This water is allowed to flow in the canals during the dry seasons. Hence, it is hopped that flood havoc will be more possible in the future world.

Note: This article/essay is written in easy words for School Students Only.

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