Essay on The Postman


The Government has opened many departments. The postal department is one of them. The postman is the lowest employee of this department. He works in a post-office.

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Postman’s Dress


The postman wears a khaki pant and a khaki shirt. There is a belt round his waist. He wears a khaki turban on his head. He puts one hoes and stockings. he carries a leather bag across his shoulder. He opens an umbrella over his head. His dress is supplied to him by the Government.

Postman’s Work

The postman carries letter, parcels and money-orders in his leather bag. He delivers them to the addressees. He travels everyday on his daily round of beat. He travels in sun and shower. Sometimes he carries postcards, envelopes, inland covers, stamps and money-order forms in his leather bag. he sells them to the people on his way. In the post-office he helps the postmaster. he stamps the letters he puts seals on the postal bags.

Postman’s Financial Condition


The postman gets a low salary. It is not sufficient for him. So, he cannot manage his home properly. He cannot give higher education to his children.


The postman does a responsible job. He is humble and polite. He is very popular with the public. Everyone keeps waiting for him, either for a letter or for something else. The postman is great friend of us. We should help him in his work.

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