Essay on The River


River is one of the phenomena of nature. It is the maker and sustainer of the fertile plains. It is one of the natural means to carry water to us. It is well-known though it is wonderful.

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Origin of River


River rise in the mountains. They are fed, either by rain or by snow. During the rainy season the dense forest on the mountains hold the rain water. This water comes out in many springs. These springs of water flow downward. On the way they join the main current and flow as the river. During the summer season, snow melts and sustains the snow-fed rivers.

General Description

A river narrow at its origin. It flows very sharp on its rocky bed. When it reaches the plain, it cuts the land, becomes wider and wider till it falls in the sea. On they way, some new-currents of water fall in the main river. These currents are called tributaries. Some currents of water branch off the main river. Such currents are called branch rivers. The river carries stones at its bottom. These stones roll on and on and become very small particles and turn into sand. So, the bed of the river is sandy and its bank too. On its bank, we see a lot of glossy pebbles. The river makes a delta at its mouth. On the way, the river meets rocks and hills and makes waterfalls. At places it bears eddies of water. During the flood the river presents a horrible sight. In the dry seasons the river gets mild; the music of the ripples is very sweet to hear.



Rivers do a lot of good to us. They provide water throughout the year. They supply water to us, to our animals, to our crops and vegetables and to our mills and engines. Some rivers are navigable. They help the inland trade. The boatmen ply their boats and ferry the people. We harness the waterfalls and generate electricity. With this eclectic power we run our machines. Rivers rise into floods and put alluvium on our fields. People living near the rivers are benefited in thousand ways.


Rivers do us some harm during the high flood. They drown a lot of ferry-boats. They drown a lot of ferry-boats. They wash away settlements and smash the life and property. Rivers are the carriers of epidemics from place to place. But their benefits outnumber their harms.



Some rivers are respected as parents. They are the makers and sustainer of the vast plains. The Nile is the main of Egypt. It is the maker and preservers of the Egyptian land. Hence, Egypt is called the ‘Gift of the Nile’. The Indus and the Ganges have made the vast plains of our country. It is known as the ‘Indo-Genetic Plains’. Hence rivers are the greatest benefactors of mankind.

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