Essay on The School Peon


The School Peon is different in nature from the Peons of all other offices. The Peons of all other offices are very rude and proud. But the School Peon is not so. He is very humble and polite.


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His duty:


His main duty is to watch the clock and to ring the bell at the right intervals. He carries mails to and from the local post-office. He carries the Headmaster’s notice book to the different classes. There the teachers read out the notice in their respective classes. The School peon draws different forms according to the given Performa. He keeps the office furniture neat and clean. He puts the official khatas, office-records on the table in the right order. His duties are enhanced specially at the time of the periodical examinations. Outside his official duties he does some mental jobs for the Headmaster and the teachers. For them he carries tea and Tiffin and betel and cigarettes from the local shop-keepers. He puts on the Peon’s uniform and the badge.

His responsibility:

The School Peon must have a high sense of responsibility. Because he moves between the Headmaster and the staff, between the Headmaster and the students and between the Headmaster and the management. He is expected to know some of the office-secrets. Hence, he should be quite careful in the speech and in performing his duties.

His financial condition:


The School Peon is very poor indeed. He gets a very small amount of pay. He does not expect any personal reward from the teachers. Because the teacher themselves are poor too.


The School Peon is very plain and simple. He is very humble and docile. But we never think of this poor man. We altogether forget him as we forget the humble things of our life and environment.

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