Essay on the Village Barber


The caste-system in India is based on the division of labour. Hence, we see the priests, the writers, the swordsmen, the milkmen, the fishermen, the washer-men, the grocers, the braziers, the barbers and so on. The village barber has to follow the trade of his own caste. Because the caste barrier is very much rigid in the Indian villages.

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The Job


The Village Barber serves the village the village people. He knows the art of hair cutting and shaving. He knows to size up the hair by cutting and clipping. He knows hot to trim the beards and the moustaches. People get their hair cut by the barber. he shaves the hair of their faces. He has to do so customary works during the weddings of the villagers. The barber’s wife is not altogether a cipher. She also has to do some professional works. She pares the nails of the village ladies and paints the sides of their feet. She also does some customary works during the wedding of the villagers.


The barber has got small portable box. In this box he has some instruments to do his job. They are some hair cutting scissors, some shaving razors, a razor-strop, a shaving-stick, a shaving-soap, a piece of alum, a small mirror, a few combs and nail-cutters. There is also a small plastic cup to hold water. The barber goes on his daily round of service with the box in his hand.

The Financial Condition


The village barber makes a very small charge of his service. He takes ten rupees for hair cutting. For shaving he takes about seven rupees. hence, the cannot meet is modern household expenses. he cannot give very fine dress to his wife and children. Also he can’t afford higher education for his children.

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