Essay on the Village Primary School


We see the primary schools in almost all the villages of India. They are very common with the Indian village people. The villagers know their Primary School and the primary school teacher quite well. Because since the time immemorial, a teaching community of our society speared over the villages to impart primary education as a means of their livelihood. Hence, primary schools were not wanting in ancient Indian and specially in Orissa of the ancient times. At the modern period this education has been systematized. It has been based on a scientific principle with a supply of modern buildings and modern educational appliances.

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General Description


The Village Primary School sits in a while building. There is sufficient rooms for the students to sit in. The school provides three grades of education. These are classes I, II, and III. In the class I the students learn alphabets in their mother-tongue. They learn counting. They learn more and more in the next higher classes. They sit on the square sized mats with the low desks before him. The teacher too sits on a mat with a low desk before him. There are three blackboards for the three classes. Besides relevant pictures, maps and charts and are hung on the inside walls. About sixty students receive their education. They belong to the age-group of 5 to 8 years. More than one teacher are employed for them. The teacher are generally matriculates. They receive their pay and allowances from the State Government. The school S.I. is their immediate officer. He visits the primary school at due intervals.

Subject Taught

The students in a primary school learn mainly the 3 R’s. i.e. reading, writing and arithmetic. The subjects which they learn is the upper two classes are vernacular, arithmetic, science, social study and story-telling. The school sits from 10:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. It gets the privilege of occasional holidays and long vacations.



The Government of India is taking much care of the primary schools. For the improvement of the primary education, the Central Government is formulating standard and giving timely instructions to the State Governments. Hence, the parents and the guardians of the primary school students should extend their hearty co-operation for making it a success.

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