Essay on Town-Life


Town-life is quite artificial. It is far from the divine touch of a nature. It kills the fine qualities of human heart. The heart of man gets dry and hard. Man becomes selfish and self-centered. His mind is mad after cash and currency. Hence, he cannot understand the spiritual value of life. He loses health of body and peace of mind. He gets tired and life becomes a burden to him.

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The rows of huge mansions, the net-work of massive roads, the enormous commercial firms and the awful Government building have a maddening effect on the town-life. The rattling sound of the running carriages are too high. The din and bustle of the heavy traffic benumbs our ear-drums. Posters of cinema sights are rampant. The cinema songs through microphone disturb our peace of mind. The propaganda of the political parties are too much for us. We see, here and there a few parks of green beauty. But they are just like a straw for a drowning man.

Modern utility of town-life:

Town life has much utility for the materialistic pursuits of man. Towns are full of business opportunities. Begging too has become a business in towns and even the street beggars earn a lot thereby. Educational facilities are available in the towns. Here we find various kinds of school and college. Towns do not lack in medical aid. They are full of public hospitals, dispensaries, private clinics, medical stores and medical practitioners.  Public libraries and laboratories are the greatest assets for the truth-seekers and researchers. Cinema-hall and theatre pendals provide a common kind of entertainment to the town dwellers. Man has become artificial in his attitude and approach. Hence, town life has become a corollary of the modern artificial civilization.

Failing of town-life:


Town fails in many things. It cannot provide a peaceful atmosphere. It is too much congested. Such congestion gives rise to many kinds of physical troubles. Supply must fall short for so many people living at one place. Hence, there is a keen competition in purchase of goods and prices go high. So, living is very dear in towns. This gives rise to thieves and robbers and cheats and swindlers. Defrauding brokers are rampant.


In this age of industrial development and complexity of civilization; human life has become very complicated. Hence, we cannot altogether do away with towns. People like to lead the town-life for its materialistic utility. Therefore, we should try to explore effective ways and means to infuse spirituality in the life in towns.

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