Essay on Travel


Once upon a time man was a nomad. He traveled from place to place with his group. He traveled in search of prey. He traveled in search of pasture for his cattle.


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He experienced a lot and he learnt a lot. He discovered agriculture. Then he led a settled life. Still he had to travel at times in search of new places to settle on. Because his group increased in number. But now man is leading a fully settled life. He does not feel the necessity of traveling. He does not gather the experience of traveling. He does not learn through the romance of travel. So, the wise men encourage us to go on traveling. The teachers encourage the students to go on traveling. The Government grants money to the schools and colleges for this purpose.



Traveling is of much use to us. by traveling we know about the new place and the people living therein. We gather new experience and new knowledge. It is a thrilling romance for us to take up an adventurous travel. Travel gives us knowledge and pleasure at the same time. Travel gives us wisdom. We learn better through travel than through books. In books we read the experience of other people or the second-hand knowledge of other people. But in travel we directly experience and directly know every object and everything. We develop the qualities of painstaking, patience and frugality as we travel. We learn how to contact unknown people. So, traveling is a great teacher too. Faihein, Hiuensang and Marco Pole were the great travelers of the old. Faihein and Hiuentsang traveled from China to India. Marco Polo traveled from Venice to China. They left very valuable accounts of their travel for us. We learn a lot by reading their travel accounts.


Traveling is useful, no doubt. So, every student should take up travels three or four times a year. They can travel during their holidays and vacations.

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