Essay on visit to a Friend’s House


A visit to a friend’s house is memorable. Once I was invited by my friend shree charan and so I went with him to his house in the village Kothar. There I spent a week with him.


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Shreecharan and the members of his family are quite hospitable. I was very much impressed by their hospitality. Shreecharan’s mother is a very soft-hearted lady. She is kind and sympathetic in spirit. She took all possible care of me. She took all care of my morning-tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening-tea and supper. Every night she insisted on me to drink a glass of warm milk with sugar just before I began to sleep.

Shreecharan’s father is a retired School Sub-Inspector. Many times, he called me very close to him and got me seated by his side. He made very kind quarries of me and of all others of my home. He is a very loving gentleman.

His sister Narmada is just on the verga of fourteen. She is fair, handsome and lovable. She knows music and dancing. Every evening she played on her harmonium and sang very nice songs for me. Thus, she gave me a lot of amusement. Narmada is beautiful as her name. There is cadence in her walk and music in her voice. She presented me a nice handkerchief which she carefully knitted for me all the week.

Shreecharan himself was busy for me. At all times he looked to my comforts. Thus, I spent a happy week with my friend and his family.



This visit to my friend’s house was really very important for me. Here we developed a deep affection and cordiality. So, at the moment of departure their eyes were full of tears and mine too. We became so close that at the time of parting I left as if I tore myself a way from them.

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