Essay on Water


Water is known to everyone in this world. It is a vital necessity for plants and animals and for men too. It is vital necessity for any living being. Without water nobody can keep in life. so we say ‘water is life’.

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Composition of water


Water is composed of two kinds of gas know as oxygen and hydrogen. We know this when we pass electricity through the water in beaker.

Test of Water

We find two kinds of water, such as sweet and saline. The water of seas, oceans and most of the lakes are salty. But water is originally sweet. It becomes saltish  when it contacts the mineral salts while flowing and passing though the land.

Sources of water


Water is obtained from two sources such as rain and ice. During the rainy season clouds rain a lot of water. During the summer season ice melts on the mountain and flow downward.

Reservoirs and carriers of water

Lakes, seas and oceans are the natural reservoirs of water. Streams and river are the natural carriers of water. People get water generally from ponds, wells, river and canals.

Use of Water


Water is used for very many purposes such as drinking, cooking, washing, steaming and running machines. We use water in farming and gardening. Water is used is seasoning the bamboo and the coir in softening the jute stick.


Water is carrier of epidemics and endemics. So we should drink either boiled water or filtered water. Distilled water maybe taken, if possible.

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