Essay on your Father


The name of my father is Sri Narottam Nayak. He lives in our village Hariharpur. He lives with his family. He is a swordsman by caste but is a farmer by profession.

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His body and attire


My father is fifty years old. His height is about five feet only. He is neither fat nor thin. He is light black in color. He has neither beard nor moustache. The hair on his head is not yet gray. He is very strong and stout. His clothing is very simple. He never wears shirt or shoes. He puts on a small piece of cloth that does not cover even the knees of my father.

His education

My father has no formal education. He has not read in any formal school. He knows the 3 R’s only. These are reading writing and arithmetic. He can read and write letters. He can count and keep accounts.

His professional work


My father is a farmer. He works in the field and grown crops. He takes care of his cattle. My mother helps him in his work. He reaps the harvest and carries it home. He is the only earning member of our family.

His responsibilities

My father has many responsibilities. There are three members on our family. They are my father, mother, and I. My father is to maintain all of us. He is to provide me with books, paper and school fees. He is to pay back his debts.



My father is a considerate man. He does not ask me to help him in his work. He sends me to school, So, he does not like to disturb me. He is a loving father too. I bear both love and respect for him.

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