Essay on your Favorite Classmate


Ramesh is my favorite classmate. His full name is Ramesh Chandra Roychowhdury. He read with me in class IX of the Jhunjhuwala Bidyapitha, Barang.

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His figure


Ramesh is a fine boy of fair complexion with jet-black hair flowing on his head. He has two beautiful eyes and a well set nose. His age being fifteen years is equal to mine. He stands almost the same height as I. His height is four feet nine inches. His weight is fifty five K.G which is a little more than mine. He is as healthy as I am.

His virtues

Ramesh is very regular and punctual in his daily tasks. He stands first in class examination, whereas I stand second. But he is by far a better student than I. he writes a beautiful hand and draws nice pictures. He can make loud reading the top of his voice audible to a distant surroundings. He can make extempore speeches in any meeting in the school. He is very smart football player. He can beat any contender of the confronting team in carrying the football unto the opposite side and in rightly charging a clear out goal on them. Rightly, he tops the Best Eleven of our school football team.Ramesh has many other virtues. He is a lover of pet animals. He has tamed a puppy, a kitten and a myna. Sometime he plays on his violin and sings Indian classical songs.

His hobby


Drawing and painting seems to be his chief hobby. If you go to his study, you will find therein the pictures of saints and leaders. Scenes and sceneries are drawn and painted by his own hand and neatly hung on all the inside walls of his study. He is a lover of art and he himself is an artist, no doubt.

Our day-to-day relation

Ramesh and I help each other is our day-to-day tasks. In the classroom, I sit next to him. Whenever he finds time he comes to my house and I too go to him. Sometimes we two hand-in-hand go to visit the zoo at Nandan Kanan or to see the beautiful plants and flowers at Botanical Garden. When I fall sick, he comes to me, sits by my side and soothes me with his sympathetic tome. When he falls ill, I too go to him and do the same thing.



Ramesh is my favorite classmate and my best friend too we love each other. Whenever we meet, he smiles, he smiles at me which I equally reciprocate. His lovable bonny face is very endearing to my heart.

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