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In history, I have read about a lot of heroes and heroines. Out of the heroes I appreciate Alexander, the great who was the king of Macedonia and who led a powerful army to Greece, Egypt, Persia and India.

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Who he was:


In the land of Greece there was a City-State called Macedon. A great hero named Philip was the King of State. Prince Alexander was born to him. In his childhood Alexander amazed the king and his courtiers by mastering a wicked horse which could not be mastered by the greatest heroes of his kingdom. Philip was extremely glad at his son’s credit and gave him the same horse as the reward for his masterly achievement.

After his father’s death Alexander becomes the king of Macedon in the year 386 B.C. When he was only twenty years of age. He died at Babylone in 328 B.C. Within this short space of time, he led great military campaigns far and wide on the earth.

His military expedition:

Alexander led a great army to Greece, Egypt, Syria, Persia and Babylone and brought those  lands under his control in 327 B.C. He marched into Punjab by the Hindukush pass where Ambi, the king of Taxila, took refuge in him and helped him against Puru, the king of a small principality between the rivers Jhelam and Chenab. A fierce Battle took place between Puru and Alexander. Alexander was struck at the valour and bravery of Puru. After a long fight Puru was defeated and was taken prisoner by the Greek Army. When he was brought before Alexander, the latter asked him “What kind of treatment do you expect from me”? Puru in Chains replied, “I expect the treatment that a king expects from a king” Alexander was very much struck at this reply. He went down to Puru and removed his chains by his own hands. He took him arm-in-arm to his own place and seated him by his side. He made friendship with Puru and returned his kingdom to him.



Alexander was a great hero. His true credit as a hero does not lie in his victorious campaigns to all quarters but in his appreciation of true heroism which he proved in his dealing with Puru. mainly for this reason I call him Alexander the great and he is really the greatest hero of his time and of all time before and after him.

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