Essay on your Favorite Principal


I am a student of Class IX in the Shukleshwar High School, Nuagaon. Our School is a big one. It is run by a well-known Principal.

Lewisville Independent School District

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Name and qualification


The name of our Principal is Mr. Rajkishore Mishra. He is about forty years old. He is a trained graduate. For the fifteen years he has been here. He has earned a good name as the Principal of our school.

Figure and dress

Mr. Mishra has got a tall figure. He is slim and active. His color is fair. He puts on Dhoti and Punjabi. He puts on a pair of half shoes on his feet. He is very plain is his living. He is very simple in his manners.

His duty as the Principal


As the Principal Mr. Mishra does his duties regularly. He is very punctual in his work. He supervises the work of his assistants. He sees that they are well-fed and well clad. He maintains his office quite well. In his office-work he is helped by a clerk. He takes the admission of the new-comers. He grants transfer certificates. He grants casual leaves to the teacher, clerks and peons. He conducts the examinations in the school.

He grants promotion to the students. He selects candidates for the High School Certificate Examinations. He supervises the work of the Hostel Superintendent. He is a member of the School Managing Committee. He is also under the Inspector of Schools. He is in the sole charge of the school. As such, he holds a key position.


Our Principal is a very kind man. But he is very hard for the negligent boys. I respect him much.

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