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The name of my village is Haladia. It is a big village. It is under the P.S. Mahanga in the district of Cuttack.

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My village Haladia is situated near the Branch No.8 of the Kendrapara Canai. There is a market-place at the middle of it. The village consists of five settlements such as Gaudasahi, Rathasahi, Gudiasahi, Sinhasahi, and Kundapatana.


The population of this village is about two thousand. There are many castes of people such as priests, writers, swordsmen, washer men, fishermen, milkmen, oilmen, masons, carpenters, weavers, grocers and braziers. But the priests have forgotten their rituals. The swordsmen have laid down their swords. Now they deal with yoke and ploughs. Some are teacher is local schools and some are in cities and towns outside the village. Fortunately, my village belongs to a jute area. So, the condition of the villagers is quite well-to-do.



The people of my village celebrate a lot of festivals throughout the year. The main celebrations are Druga Puja, Diwali and Holi, Parties from outside are invited to perform Pala and Jatra.


People enjoy a lot of facilities in my village. There are a primary school, a high school, a post-office and a public library. The office of our village Panchayat has been located here. The local market sits twice a week. There are two private clinics in my village. One is homeopathic and the other is Allopathic. The famous Patra Brothers have opened their stalls. Hence, we find a small bazzer. There are two large ponds In my village. But they go dry by the mid summer.



My village is the prettiest and the loveliest. It is gradually improving. Chowdhuri Sir Kulamani Das is the Sarpanch of the local Panchayat. He is doing his best to improve the condition of my village.

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