Essay on your Hostel

I am a student of Class IX in Heladia High School. My village is far from it. So, I stay in school-hostel.

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The hostel is situated on the left of the school. There is a large pond behind the hostel. Before the hostel there is a garden.


Nature of building

The building of the hostel is not very costly. The walls of it are made brick and clay. They are plastered with cement. They are not white-washed. The roof of the hostel is thatched with straw. The hostel is divided into two halls. The senior students stay in the first hall. In the second hall the junior students stay. There is a small block near the hostel. This block consists of four rooms. The first room is the kitchen-room. The second is the storeroom. The third is the room of fuels. The cook and the servant stay in the fourth room. There is a small set of quarters near the hostel. The Superintendent of the hostel lives in it.

Hostel Life

There are forty students who live in the hostel. They are of different classes from Class VII to Class X. We lead here a very regular life. We are very punctual in our daily works. We get up at the right time. We play at the right time. We sleep at the right time. We are busy from 5 A.M to 6 P.M. The bell of the hostel rings to make us punctual. On Saturday, we hold a debate. One Sunday, wee make a feast. We borrow books from the hostel library.



The Superintendent looks after the hostel. There is a monitor to help him. The Headmaster selects one of us as the monitor. Every month we select a manager fro the mess.


We learn a lot in the hostel. We learn how to live in a society. We learn how to adjust with others. We get better facility for study. We learn discipline. We become regular and punctual.



In our hostel there are no cots to sleep on. But we manage without them. Because we do not expect them in a poor school.


My hostel is the favorite place for me. I lead a very happy life in it. So, I like it most.

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