Essay on your Journey by Bus


Journey by bus is now very common in our country. Once I had a journey by bus from Cuttack to Basantapur.

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The Cuttack-Balikuda Bus was due to start at 6 A.M. So, I reached the bus-stand at 5 O’ clock in the morning. I booked a lower-class ticket and got into the bus. The bus was big in size. It had a capacity of holding thirty passengers within it. There are two classes in the bus, namely upper class and lower class. The bus was served by three employees, titled as Conductor, Driver and Cleaner.

I found a lot of men at bus-stand. Some of them came to travel by bus to different places. Their relatives came to see them off. Many hawkers and pedlars were busy in selling their articles. There were some tea-stalls where the passengers took tea and Tiffin. Some people were busy in purchasing tickets. Some ticket-holders were busy in getting their goods loaded on the bus. So, I found a noisy scene at the bus-stand.

By 6 A.M. the bus was full to its capacity. The driver took up his seat near the engine and put his hands on the steering. The conductor and the cleaner came inside. The cleaner closed all the doors. The conductor pulled the string of the bell twice, the bell rang. The driver made horn-sounds. Then he started the bus. At first, the bus moved slowly. Then it was speeded up.

While the bus was running I looked outside through the bus-window, the bus was running very fast. I saw that all the objects outside seemed to be running. They seemed to be running to the opposite direction.


On the way, our bus surpassed many travelers on bicycles, rickshawes and bullock-carts, who were going from Cuttack. So, also it crossed many such people who were coming to Cuttack. At bus-stops our bus stopped for two minutes where some passengers got down and some new passengers got in. By and by, we came passing Chauliaganj, Bidyadharpur and Birabati. I saw from the bus the famous farm of Bidyadharpur and the famous bridge at Biribati. Then the bus reached  Kandarpur which is the largest bus-stop. Here the bus halted for half an hour. The passengers got busy in the local shops in purchasing, eating, drinking, chewing, smoking and carrying. Then the bus started again. The passengers got in. The blind beggar begged singing. The lame beggar begged shouting. Our bus speeded up. Our tickets were checked by the checker at every check-post. The bus passed through Hazipur, Biridi and Balia. Then it reached Basantpur. Here I got down. Leaving some other passengers at Basantpur, the green colour bus ran off my sight on its way to Balikuda via Jagatsingpur and Dihasahi.


This journey by bus was very joyful for me, Because it was not festival time. So, there was no heavy rush in the bus. The road was good and so there was no jerking at all.

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