Essay on your Pet Dog


Dogs are quadruped domestic animals. They are tamed by many people. I have dog too. It is my pet dog. I call it Tom.

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Tom looks pretty. It is brown is color. It is two feet high and three feet long. It has a curved tail. It has four paws. They are all white. Tom has a good health. It is never sad. It is jolly and joyful. Tom is a dog of qualities. It is quite faithful to me. It seldom sleeps at night. It keeps watch on my house. It barks at the stranger, whenever it sees him. It scares the cows. It scares the jackal and the stray dogs. Tom likes me very much. It follows me wherever I go. It knows me well. It knows my voice. Tom runs to me, whenever I call it. It gets playful and wags the tail. Tom knows my mind too. When I am sad, it wails aloud

How I take care of it

I like my dog. So I take care of it. I keep it neat and clean. I wash its body with soap and warm water. I keep it I a neat place. I feed it properly. I give it healthy food. I give it rice and milk. In summer, I keep it cool. In winter, I keep it warm. I play with it, whenever I get time.



Dogs are very faithful. They like their masters. But my dog is more faithful than any other dog. It makes me much more than others. Tom is the best of the lot.

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