Essay on your Physical Exercise


To get a good health is not enough. We shall have to maintain it and improve it. Physical exercise is one of the factors for improving our health. Hence, physical exercise is necessary for every person. It is more necessary for the students and the officers because they never do any kind of physical labor.


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Kind of physical exercise


There are many kinds of physical exercise. They are of two classes, such as body-building exercises and outdoor games. A body-building exercise can be done inside a room. But the outdoor games can be played only in an open field. Some of the outdoor games can be played in a spacious compound. The outdoor games are generally, Ha-du-du, Hide-and-seek, football, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket and so on. Swimming, running, cycling, horse-riding and long-walking are also very good kind of physical exercises.

How physical exercise helps

Physical exercise makes our body strong, fit and active it makes us hardy. Our limbs become stronger. Our heart and lungs become stronger. While taking exercise we get plenty of fresh air. We breathe in plenty of oxygen and our blood-circulation works very well. During exercise the whole body perspires. Sweet comes out. The dirt beneath the skin is cleaned away.

Rules to be obeyed


Morning and evening are the best time for physical exercise it should be done regularly and punctually. It should not be done more than one hour at a time. Because over exercise is worse than no exercise. We should not eat or drink half an hour before and half and hour after. We should not talk or laugh while doing the exercise. While doing the exercise, we should wear loose attire. Exercise should be done in a neat, clean and open place with full of light and fresh air.


Physical exercise is, no doubt, good for our health. Without doing it we cannot keep healthy. Hence, all of us should pay due attention to it.

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