Essay on your Saddest day in your School Life


Since six years back, I am a student of the Modern Public School, Dallas. I have passed these days not with equal feelings. Some days I was happy and some days I was sad. But the saddest day in my school life was the 6th September 1990, the day of Ganesh Puja of the year.

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Why I call in the saddest day in my school life:


Bipin and myself were very close friends since reading in Class VI of our school. We never left each other for a moment even. We played together, walked together and read together. It was the year 1990 and the year was at September. The Ganesh Puja fell on the 6th of this month. We both joined the Puja held in our school. The days passed smoothly till the sundown and then the fatal hour came. When I was busy in serving the Puja feast. Bipin went to the pond nearby in search of his missing slippers. While he was searching on the edge of the bathing step, which was mossy and slippery, his legs slipped down and he fell into the water. The water was very deep and Bipin was not a good swimmer. Besides the reeds of the lilies twisted round his legs.

Bipin was drowned with a cry. But his cry was inaudible owing to the Puja bustle. As I did not see him in the feasting lines. I went and searched for him here and there. I rushed to his house and could not find him there. Then we all searched for him. When we went the pond, we saw his corpse floating on the water, I jumped into the water and carried his body on the bank, the doctor came and declared him dead. I was so sad that I could not speak a word. My heart was crying within. When I saw his mother and sister come I burst into tears. They were wailing, they were bereaved and their sorrow knew no bounds. Then the funeral procession began with a sad music. This was the saddest day in m school life and perhaps in the whole of my life until now.


Days are coming and passing by. But the day of which I speak of will remain ever in my memory as the saddest day in my life.

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