Essay on your School Garden


I am a student of Class IX I the Kakatpur High School. There is a beautiful garden in front of my school. It is a famous garden in our area.

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Shape and Size


The garden of our school is oblong in shape. It is three hundred feet long and two hundred feet broad. It is strongly fetched on all sides.

Fruit and Flowers

Our school garden is full of tress and creepers. There are the plants of fruits, flowers and vegetables. There is a well at the middle of the garden. The garden is divided into four parts. In one there are flower plants only. These are the plants of marigold, jasmine, champak and rose. In another part there are fruit-plants. There are the plants of apple, guava, papaya, banana and cocoanut. In the third part there are the plants of vegetables, such as potato, brinjal, tomato, gourd, pumpkin, bitter-gourd, snake-gourd, bean and arum. In the fourth part there are spinach and other greens. In winter we grow cabbages and cauliflowers. We also grow onions and garlic’s.

How we work in the garden


The day scholars work in the garden during their gardening-periods. But the boarders work in the evening. We spade the ground and make the beds. We sow seeds and plants trees. In morning and evening we water the plants. We keep the garden neat and clean. We sell the products in the market and we pay the money to the school office.


My school garden is very useful to me. Here I get the knowledge of gardening. Gardening gives us food and exercise. My School garden is very nice to look at. Hence I like it most.

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