Essay on your School life


I am a student of Modern Public School. I read in Class X. My life at my school is very happy. On working days go to school. On holidays I stays at home. In summer, my school sits in the morning. During other months it sits in day time. The school works for six hours a day with an interval of thirty minutes after the first four periods.

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During the school days. I go to school in time. I join prayer class where I sing a divine song with all other students. After the prayer is over, I sit in my class. Different teachers come to my class to teach different subjects. Such as English, Mathematics, literature, History, Geography, Science and so on. I am happy in the periods of English and History as I am strong in these subjects. But I am unhappy in the periods of Sanskrit, mathematics and Geography as I am weak in them. However, I try my best to follow the teaching given by the teachers. But in the Drill-class and the N.C.C. Class I feel very smart and active.

I am very joyful on the days of school festivals:

Such days are the days of Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Independence day, Republic Day, Teacher’s day and Children’s Day. I feel a great joy to participate in all these functions. I feel great pride in the prize-giving ceremony. Because I win a lot of prize for good handwriting. Debating and social service. The drama in school is another attraction for me.

I spend a happy life with my class mates. I never quarrel with them. With them I make picnics and go on excursions. With them I play football, volleyball, Cricket and other kinds of game.



My life at school is full of pleasure. In it, study and play go together hand-in-hand. Hence, I like it most.

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