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For all the time, except the school-hours, I study at home and prepare my lesson. I prepare the tasks given by the teachers. I read and write many other things for my self-improvement. So, my father has set apart a room for my study. It is my study room.

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My study room is at a little distance from the dwelling of our family. It stands very close to our garden of flowers. Two of the window overlook the many-coloured sights of this beautiful garden.

Nature of building:

The length of my study is fourteen feet. It is ten feet broad. It is made of brick and mortar. The roof of it is made of bamboo and straw. The walls are white-washed. The floor is cemented. There is a door. There are a couple of windows. Wooden railings have been set to them. The railings and the blanks are blue and varnished. Hence, it is a small-sized beautiful room.

Arrangements: The arrangements in my study are neat and tidy. There are a table and a chair in it. The surface of the table is wrapped with a table cloth. On it I have placed my books of reference, such as a dictionary and a book of general knowledge. There is a book-self in my study room. There I have kept my books and khatas in order. I have a single-bed cot in my study. Sometimes I lie on it and read the light readers. I have got a kerosene lamp. The glass of it is blue and nice. Besides, I have arranged all the tools and sundries which are necessary for my works as a student.



My study is properly decorated. I have decked my walls with the photos of natural sceneries. The front wall is painted green and blue. The photos of Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore and Lal Bahadur Sastri have been hung on the walls. There are many mottoes too. My study is specially decorated on the day of special occasion. I keep my study neat and clean. I sweep it floor twice a day. I wash its floor twice a month. So, it looks ever new. My room is clean and beautiful.


My study is the best friend of me. Whenever I feel troubled in my mind, I come to my study and seek solace from it. Through its windows I look at the distant sky. I see the play of seasons. I see changes of weather, I see the rainbow and the changing colours of clouds. I see the little beautiful birds flying in the sky. I see the sun shining, the moon beaming and the numberless stars twinkling in the dark. Here I visualize the rosy picture of my future. I like my study. To me it is a source of joy and inspiration.

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