Essay on Your Village Post-Office


I belong to the village Haladia in the district of Cuttack. We have a branch Post-Office in our Village.

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Our post-office is situated at the centre of our village. It stands quite close to the Haladia High School. The weekly market of our village is on the right side of it.


The building of the Post-Office is made of mud and wattle. The roof is made of Bamboo and straw. This building is divided into two rooms. One is larger than the other. In the small room the Post Peon resides. The large one is the Postmaster’s Office Room. There is a window in the wall near the seat of the Postmaster. A letter box is hung on the front wall of the Post-Office. There is a signboard bearing the epithet, Haladia Branch Post-Office. There is a compound in front of this building. Our Post-Office looks like a humble thatched cottage.

The Staff:


The staff of our Post-Office consists of the Postmaster and the Post Peon. The post peon stays inside the compound. The Postmaster is a local man. He lives in his own house and come to his office on every working day. The name of our Postmaster is Shri Gurucharan Routray. He is about forty years old. He writes an excellent hand. He is very popular with the local public.

Working days:

Generally, a Post-Office opens at 10-30 A.M. and closes at 4 P.M. But the timing of our post-office is a little adjusted for the convenience of the general people. Up to 1 P.M. the Postmaster keeps himself busy in his routine duties. People come to purchase stamps, cards, envelopes and inland covers. Some people come to drop their letters in the letter-box. Some people come to send their money-orders, registered parcels and registered letters. The postmaster is awfully busy for all this time. No transaction is allowed after 2 P.M. and on Saturdays after 12 A.M. Sunday is the weekend holiday. There are other holidays too for the Post-Office.

At 2 P.M. the runner comes with the postal bag from the corresponding sub-post-office. The Postmaster receives the Bag. He breaks the seal and opens it. The Post Peon stamps the letters and sorts them. Some letters are made into spot-delivery. They are delivered through the window. The rest are carried by the Post Peon on his daily round of beats. The postal Bag of our post-office is sealed by the Peon under the very eyes of the Postmaster. The Runner receives this Bag and goes away.



The Post-Office of our village does a yeoman’s service to the people in its jurisdiction. It serves about hundred villages, big and small. We should extend our co-operation to make its work easier.

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