Essay on an Ideal Student


Students are the future of the country. They should, as students, make themselves ideal. Hence they should know what an ideal student is.

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An ideal students bears a high ambition. He bears a thirst for knowledge. He reads a lot of good books, magazines and newspapers. he keeps his health well by clean habits, regular exercise, healthy food, pure water, free light, free air, self-restraint, enough rest and sound sleep. He behaves properly. He is obedient to his elders. He is very loving to his younger. He bears a high sense of discipline. He is regular and punctual in all his works. He is neither prodigal nor miserly. He is frugal. He is patriot. He loves his country well. He does social service. He has much devotion for god. He does morning-prayer and evening prayer. He is just and kind. He is active and cheerful. He is never idle. Constant labour is his chief motto.


An ideal student is the hope of the nation. He is glory of the country. The future of mankind lies in him.

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