If winter come shall spring be far behind

Winter is a season of snow, hail and biting cold. Nature loses its beauty and vernal wealth. The sky is Cloudy and the atmosphere is dull and chilly, but man faces everything in the hope of the arrival of the spring.


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Spring is the season of beauty and bounty, of shower and flowers. With the same spirit man must brave difficulties and dangers in life. Miseries and misfortunes in life are a period of test and trial.


One is sure to enjoy happiness in days to come, if he stands firm is the dark days. Adversity of today can be the prosperity of tomorrow. Is it not a fact that bright and beautiful morning follows the darkest hours of night?

Thus the period of Borrow cannot be permanent. The days of misery and misfortune are sure to come to an end. There will be the period of hope and happiness. So man need not be disappointed and depressed in life if he has to face hardships. It is a message of hope, courage and brave struggle in life.

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