Imaginative Essay on Things I see as told by a Clock on a Railway Platform

I am a clock on a railway platform. I see trains steaming in and out day and night. I see passengers hailing from all over the country. There are the Bengalis in their dhoti and kurta, and the Maharashtrians in their typical Maharashtrian dress. There are the Punjabi ladies in tight shirt and salwar and Rajasthani women in their lehnga and choli. Sometimes I see foreigners pacing up and down and the villagers carrying heavy luggage on their heads. I see the coolies moving to and fro carrying the luggage of the passengers. The whole platform seems to be teeming with life. The passengers look at me again and again anxiously. I see all this and much more.

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Just opposite to the place where I am fixed there is the refreshment room. I see passengers going to there for refreshment. They seem to belong to the upper classes. To my right is a tea-stall. It attracts a large number of customers. I can see passengers taking tea at all hours of the day. To my left is the book stall. I see may passengers looking into the weeklies, monthlies and journals. Some buy the journals of their choice while others simply go through them free of charge.

I see the coolies seated here and there on the platform in red uniforms. When the train is about to steam in, they take their places on the platform. The passengers too get ready. As soon as the train arrives, there is excitement on the platform. Some coolies take out the luggage of the passengers who engage them. Others get into the compartments carrying the luggage of the passengers who are starting on their journey. There is a heavy rush in second class compartments. I see all this. I feel amused to see a burly-looking passenger getting into the train through the window. The passengers inside try to push him out but in vain. It is of course painful to see lady passengers being crushed in the rush. How I wish people should be considerate to ladies at least!


When the train is about to leave, I see people bidding farewell to their near and dear ones and friends These partings are very sad. I can clearly see some people wiping off their tears. The train slowly steams off. The platform is again deserted and I find myself alone looking steadily and thinking over all that I have seen or heard.

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