Importance of Public Parks

An comprehensive essay on the Importance of Public Parks.


The necessity of parks in a big city is very great. In big cities the houses stand side by side. There is not enough open space in many a house. Some of the rooms are very dark. They want free air and light. In many houses people do not enjoy sun’s rays at all. Many houses have two or more storeys. There the ground floor is very unhealthy. Poor people are forced to live in such houses. Besides, all the streets are not wide. The narrow lanes do not receive sunlight. Women and children do not generally go out. So they have to remain confined in unwholesome rooms. Many men have to work hard in their offices. When they come back home, they have to pass their time in their unhealthy houses. If people live in such places, their health breaks down soon. Smoke comes out of the kitchens. In the thickly populated parts of a city it is great nuisance. It is very injurious to health. The smoke cannot easily go out of the house. In some quarters there are mills and factories. The smoke of the chimney is a nuisance to the people who live in those localities.

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Necessity of parks in cities

From all these we see that pure air is much wanting in most houses. So it is absolutely necessary to spend some time in the open air and, if possible, in the sun. For this purpose parks are a great necessity in big cities. People may get there pure air and sunlight for the improvement of their health. In the big parks, there are grass plots, flower gardens, trees that give shade, ponds, playgrounds, gravel walks, and benches to sit on.

How the parks are used

Some people rise early in the morning. They go out for a walk in the public parks. Walking is a good exercise for men of all ages. Boys run about in the parks early in the morning in order to take exercise. At noon some passers-by who are tired may take rest in the shades of the trees. Some people play at cards there at this time. They are generally cooks and servants who pass their leisure at noon in this way. In the afternoon, the parks present quite a different sight. These are most crowded at that time. Old men, young folk and children are seen there large numbers. Children run, walk and play about and enjoy the time very much. All day long they are confined at home. In the afternoon, they are eager to go to the park with their guardians or servants. Old men walk on the gravel path or sit on the benches and enjoy the cool refreshing air. Young men also walk about in groups and talk about various things. In some big parks, there are playgrounds. There they play football, cricket, tennis, badminton, etc. Thus the parks provide them with pleasure as well as an opportunity for taking exercise to improve their health.


There are some parks which are used exclusively by ladies. They are of very great use to them. They require the pure air of parks more than men do, because they have scarcely any occasion to go out. Being confined within the house, they can never get fresh air. So they can improve their health if they can spend some time in the morning and evening in a park.

Special life fostered

Besides these advantages, public parks afford people an opportunity to cultivate the feeling of friendship and brotherhood. By frequent visits, men are acquainted with one another and they discuss various topics. Women may sit together and discuss many healthy topics. They may thus learn many things by their acquaintance with one another.

Democratic influence of a park


Public parks are meant for all without any distinction. All people, rich or poor, master or servant, can use the parks. They are all equal there.

A boon to the poor

Rich people have good houses. They do not generally feel the want of pure air and sunlight in their houses as do the poor people. Hence, the parks are a great boon to these poor people. After their day’s toil, they can have rest in the parks. The fresh air is a tonic to them. They are refreshed and recoup their lost energy.


It is the duty of the Government and the municipality to provide the public with as many parks as possible in a town.

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