Importance of school magazine and its uses


The school magazine is no more a new thing to us. Now-a-days many schools have magazines of their own. Formerly, very few schools had such magazines.

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How the Magazine is conducted


A school magazine is conducted by the teachers and the students. In many schools a senior teacher is the editor and a student of the top class is the assistant editor. In many schools, the students are editors, but they are advised in all matters by a senior teacher. The articles for the magazine are written by both the teachers and the students. The students send their articles to the editor. But each and every article is not published. The articles are selected by the editor and the assistant editor. They are corrected and then published in the magazine.

School and monthly magazines

The school magazine is not like an ordinary monthly magazine. The school magazine is meant only for the students of the particular school. Generally the boys have to pay a magazine fee. Each of them gets a copy of the magazine. It is generally published once or twice a year.



School magazines are useful in many ways. Many of the students do not read books other than their text­books. Their knowledge cannot increase if they do not read out-books. If we are to write an article for the magazine, we must necessarily read many new books. Thus it widens our knowledge. A student’s mind is filled with joy and pride when he sees that his article has appeared in print and it encourages him to write more articles for the magazine. If a fellow-student writes an article for the school magazine, others may be inspired to follow his example. If the students practice writing for the school magazine, their style of writing will be much improved. In this way, many of them may be good writers in future. Thus the school magazine helps us in developing our power of writing. It increases our power of thinking also. Student editors get a training about how to perform responsible duties. Thus it is a useful thing for us. Every school should, therefore, have a magazine of its own.

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