Is Life in a Large City more Pleasant than Life in the village?

‘God made the village and man made the town’ is absolutely true. There is a world of difference between the life led by us in a large town and the life led in the open village side. City life is full of artificiality, while we find ourselves in the midst of nature in the countryside.

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Undoubtedly life in the city has some distinct advantages. We can have everything that a man desires for physical comforts. There are shops and markets stocked with all sorts of articles, luxury goods as well as goods needed in everyday life. The roads are good and there is no difficulty in walking on them during the rainy season. Buses, scooters and taxies are there to transport us from one place to the other at a nominal fare.

The town has great facilities of education. There are schools and colleges, Public Libraries and reading rooms inculcate in us the desire to read. Newspapers supply us with up-to-date information. One of the greatest advantage is the medical aid. There are doctors to help us in case of serious ailments. Post offices help us post our letters and the police force gives us adequate protection.


There is, however, no peace and quiet in a town. From early morning till late at night there is din and noise, bustle and activity. The whole atmosphere is surcharged with noise. The shouts of the hawkers, the noise of the people going to their places of duty, the noise of the factories and smoke from the chimneys disturb the calm of the town. Articles of food and drink are adulterated. We cannot hope to get anything fresh. Accidents, too, are very common because of speeding cars and trucks and scooters.

The atmosphere in the countryside is entirely different. The villagers live in the lap of nature. There the air is fresh and pure. There is no question of adulteration of things. Everything there is in a pure state. There is quiet. There is neither hooting of the motor cars nor the cry of hawkers to disturb the villagers. Moreover, the villagers are simple folk and their hearts are of pure gold.

In spite of all this the village life has certain disadvantages. The roads are bad and travelling is difficult, especially during the rainy season. The roads are kuccha and full of mud. There are no facilities for education. Postal service is poor. There is no proper arrangement of education. Medical aid is missing and opportunities practically nil for employment. Despite these disadvantages, however, we can still say that the country life is better. The villagers are nearer to nature and thus nearer to God.

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