Meaning of the proverb a stitch in time saves nine

A piece of cloth may be torn slightly. It should be stitched at once. If we do not do it, the tear will grow wider and wider. To mend that tear it will require more stitches and more labor. Sometimes the cloth becomes unfit for use if the tear is not mended in time. This proverb is applicable to all spheres of life. Steps should be taken to remedy a defect at its earliest stage.

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If a man falls ill, he should take medicine without delay; otherwise, his illness may take a serious turn and sometimes for his negligence at the early stage, his life may be endangered. A boy may take to evil habits. If he is checked a corrected at the beginning, he may give up the evil habits. But if he is allowed to have his own way, he will never be able to shake off the evil habits. He will suffer for it in the long run. An inattentive boy should be made attentive to studies at an early stage; otherwise, it will be very difficult for him to mind his lessons in future. Thus evils should be checked at the earliest stage to avoid future troubles.

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