Meaning of the proverb Fortune Favors the brave

The proverb means that a man cannot accomplish a great thing without taking risks. All men cannot take risks. Taking risks means that we must be prepared to face difficulties. We must give up the hope of envying peace, happiness and comfort of an easy-going life. Bold men with firm determination to attain success can take risks. Cowards can never take risks. So we find that in business enterprising men only succeed. Wealth is meant for them and not for weak-minded men. It is true in every walk of life. Columbus took risks and discovered America. Some men are overcautious. They do not take risks in anything.

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They may succeed, but they cannot attain brilliant success without the spirit of adventure. Some people complain that they could not attain success in life because fate was against them. It is not true. Fortune favors the brave men who have adventurous spirit, who have courage and firm determination, who can take risks. But we should remember that a man must not be reckless. He should take risks where there is a great likelihood of success. A bold man takes risks after proper consideration. But if a man ventures nothing, he will have nothing.

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