Meaning on the proverb A rolling stone gathers no moss

Moss does not gather on a stone that is always on the move. Some men do not settle down to one fixed profession or occupation. They are always changing from one occupation to another. They have no fixed purpose or principle. They are fickle-minded. Like a weather cock they turn with the wind. Such men cannot proper in life. Constant change stands in their way to success. Fickle minded men try one thing first. If they fail, or if they do not like it, it they give it up and take up another thing. Here also they can not stick for a long time. This constant change ruins their career.

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They cannot shine in life. A lawyer or a doctor should not move from one place to another. He has to build up his practice with difficulty if he moves to a new place. A man is employed in one office. He should not change it unless he has very good reasons. If he sticks to one place and works honestly and satisfactorily with a resolute will he has every chance of promotion. He can one day rise to the top of the ladder. There are many instances of this. But if he constantly changes place, it shows he is unsteady and in every new place he has to prove his worth to deserve a life. Changes many prove better in some cases. But constant changes can never do well to a person.

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