My Experiences of Travelling by a Local Bus

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Delhi’s main mode of transport is the D.T.C. but its service is neither efficient nor comfortable. It is never in time and therefore one cannot hope to be in time anywhere one intends to go. The fleet has several thousand buses but the commuters travelling by it total several lakhs. The students, the office-goers and the general public, particularly the business class, leave for their work early in the morning and therefore, everyone is in need of the city’s bus service. Moreover the population of the city is increasing fast and hundreds of colonies have come up in far-flung areas of the city and need buses.

Travelling by the local bus and to be in time is the most difficult thing to imagine. The buses are always full and the conductors avoid stopping the buses at the bus stands. There is always a rush at every bus stop and the commuters are so eager to get in that they break the queue, as soon as the bus comes. Only the strong get in and the bus leaves the bus stop because it is already full.


The other day I had a very sad experience of the local bus. I had to meet a friend who had come from Bombay and was putting up with his uncle in Janakpuri, a long distance away. I had to board the bus at Shaktinagar. I came to the bus stop. There was already a long queue. Many a bus had passed by without taking any passengers. I waited. At last a bus came and I could get in with great difficulty.

This was not all. I had not an inch of space to stand. I managed somehow and it was after an hour’s tedious journey that I reached Janakpuri. Adding to my difficulty my friend had left after waiting for me for a couple of hours. I had, therefore, to rush back in order to be in time for dinner. It was a very painful experience of raveling in a local bus.

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