Participate in Competition Refresher Essay Contest !

Competition Refresher Magazine is one of the best Career magazine for IAS, MBA, banking, SSG, UGC aspirants. It organizes month essay contest in which you can easily participate  for winning attractive prizes. A prize is a prize and you should not compare it with monetary units.

Participate! Autisme - Participate! bekendmaken

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First prize : Books worth Rs 600


Second prize: Books worth Rs 400

Third Prize : Books worth Rs 200

Consolation Prizes : Books worth Rs 100 each

Note : Bright Group of Publication awards Merit Certificate to the winners. It serves as a lasting and useful testimony of distinction for the  successful participants.


Entries should not contain more than 1500 words:

They should be neatly typed on one side of the paper. Attach a passport size photograph, and write full name and address along with brief bio-data on the first page of the essay. Prize winning entries will be the exclusive property of Competition Refresher.  Special attention will be given to the candidate’s grasp of material, relevance to the subject and his/her ability to think constructively and present his/her ideas concisely, logically and effectively. Edited version of prize winning entries will be published. Entries should be marked ESSAY CONTEST, 294, and addressed to Competition Refresher, 4739/23, Bright Sudan, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi –110002.


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