Peace is a Precious Commodity – Essay

“Peace”, in Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s words “is a precious commodity, necessary for any progress”. It is very difficult to maintain peace in this troublesome world. Wars and rumours of wars have cast black shadows on the lives of twenty-first century men and women. If wars become a permanent feature of international life. If we are to live in this tense atmosphere of constant dread and preparedness, civilization will suffer a permanent blackout. War does not offer solution to our wants. On the contrary, it brings in its train unspeakable human tragedy and suffering.

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The greatest danger to peace is peace is from aggression. The aggressive tendencies in the growing nations should be nipped in the bud. The unjust acts of any country must be promptly checked if peace should last. The chief evils we have got to remove in order to ensure peace are political subjection, racial inequality, economic inequality and misery.

Accumulation of wealth among the few countries of world has created rift in the world. The countries of the world have been divided into two categories the rich and the pour in order to create harmony and undo the rift the rich countries should take initiatives.


India has always been advocating the cause of peace and nonviolence. Our war of Independence itself is a clear proof to this. Afterwards, the settlement of the Indo-Pak war by the Tashkent Pact is anther magnificent example set up by India. This is the only civilized approach to problems and leaves no ill-will or bitterness behind.

On the other hand settlement and compromise arrived at after a victory on the battlefield create tense situations, bring frustration and despair to the defeated nation, inciting to attack again. In such circumstances lasting peace is not at all possible. To surrender to evil is bad, even in resisting evil; the nations should always maintain the temper of peace and hold out the hand of friendship to those who may be opposed to them.

The problem of peace in the modern world is nothing less than the problem of creating a world community. It is only by an enlargement of the communal consciousness that durable peace can be attained. Some modern thinkers assume that since the nation is but a higher rung in the ladder of man’s social cohesion from the family upwards, and as men have successfully outgrown the earlier stage of the tribe, the clan, and the race, the transition from the national to the international community would be easy.

When we see how our ancient clans with their patriarchal heads have gradually enlarged and reached the stage of national community with a government to administer it, we are induced to believe that the idea of a world community no more belongs to the realm of fantasy. Already the silicon revolution of this era of communication has shrunk the world to a global village. Let us persevere diligently in our efforts to promote international understanding and cooperation so that our advancement towards that one world of tomorrow where peace and comradeship shall dominate will be swifter.


The most powerful and influential of all the agents of education is public opinion—the accepted standards of good and evil, of right and wrong. If this perennial, motivating force were properly used, this world would be a much more pleasant place to live in. No media organization should be allowed to involve in hate campaigns, negative propaganda, etc.

On the other hand everything that tends towards mutual understanding must be encouraged. Our interests must be as wide as possible and our reaction to other nations must be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile. As far as possible we must not interfere with the internal affairs of another country. The delegates of foreign countries should be treated with due respect. There must be free intercourse among the artists, students, scientists, doctors, engineers and sportsmen of different nations.

Most of the problem in this world is caused by our indifference towards humanity. We are giving more importance to nation and religion than humanity. The youth of the present generation is wandering aimlessly without any fixity of purpose. It finds no peace inside or outside. It tries to satisfy its inner craving by indulging in licentious acts. It lamentably fails to realize that the cause for the emptiness and worthlessness of life is nothing but its lack of confidence in a Supreme Power reigning above.

This is a regrettable cause brought along by the progress of science. The young intelligentsia refuses to place implicit faith in God and begin to ask the whys and wherefore. Our great task now is to remove the scales from their eyes and enlighten their obscure souls. The youth shall have peace. And once youth peps up and its energies properly channeled the world may attain peace.

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