Proverb on Failures are the Pillars of Success

Many people have attained success in life. We study their life-history. We see they have not attained success all at one. They have worked hard for a long time. They have faced difficulties boldly and have overcome them.

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They have failed once or twice or even more. But they have not been daunted by failures. They searched the reasons of their failures and thus their failures have helped them to gain success. These people have resolute will.

They have become cautious and have corrected themselves. Then with renewed energy they worked again and again. Their past experience helped them and in the long run they own their success.


Thus their failures shave been the pillars of their success. If they had stopped at the first failure, they could never have attained success. So failure should not depress us. We should remember this proverb. It will inspire us to go on with our work even we fail. We must find out the reasons of our failures, and correct ourselves. Then with patience and perseverance we must proceed on with the work.

Our past experience will help us and we are sure to gain success through our failures. Hence it is said that failure3s are the pillars of success.

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