Proverb on Industry is the Mother of Good luck

There is no royal road to success in life. Our roads to success are full of difficulties and obstacles. If we can overcome them, it will be easy for us to go on and win success. But to overcome difficulties and obstacles is not an easy task. We must have patience. We must be industrious. Patient labor is the root of success. An idle man cannot attain success in life because he is no industrious. There is a Sanskrit proverb. It says that the goddess of fortune smiles on the energetic persons. The cowards only depend on luck. The lion is the king of beasts. But if he only sleeps, his prey will not come to him itself. He must search for his prey. Similarly, if we sit idle, success will not be within our reach. We must exert ourselves. Difficulties cannot stand in the way of an energetic man.


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Great men were all industrious in their own spheres. They had labored had for a long time before attaining success. Very few fortunate men inherit ancestral fortune without industry. But they too must be industrious to enjoy their fortune properly; otherwise they will waste it within a short5 time. They will soon become poor and lead a miserable life. A student can shine well in life if he is industrious. A businessman will thrive if he is industrious. A lawyer will shine in his profession if he is industrious. A nation prospers if the people are industrious. So we all should give up idleness and work hard if we wish to have good luck in life. A man who has been in adversity can feel for others in distress. If that person prospers in life, he knows how he has suffered and so he has sympathy for persons in distress and helps them in their adversity. But a person who has always been in prosperity cannot feel for people in adversity, because he has never known how painful it is to suffer hardships. Life is plain sailing with him. Such a person cannot develop in him qualities of true manhood.

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